Gustavo Umbelino

gumbelin [at] eng [dot] ucsd [dot] edu

Computer Science

Social Psychology

UC San Diego

Spring 2019

你好!This quarter I am taking Mandarin classes in Taipei at the MLC! Interested? Check out their scholarship program!

I am also working with Sam Blake, Vivian Ta, and Eric Truong on Dynamic (see Fall 2018).

Winter 2019

Teaching assistant for Scott Klemmer's Interaction Design course.

Fall 2018

Research lead in the Protolab advised by Steven Dow. My team and I are creating a dynamic team formation tool that supports hybrid social interactions in co-located settings, such as classrooms, civic hackathons, and other public events.

Research assistant in Christine Harris' Lab.

Attended CSCW 2018 as a student volunteer on November 3-7 in NYC (~NJ)!

Summer 2018

Research assistant in the CHIMPS Lab at Carnegie Mellon University. My advisors are Jason Hong and Laura Dabbish! I am also working closely with Cori Faklaris and Rosie Sun. We are investigating the role of social influence on privacy behaviors online.