Gustavo Umbelino

gumbelin [at] eng [dot] ucsd [dot] edu

Computer Science

Social Psychology

UC San Diego


[9] ProtoTeams [WIP] #Teams #CSCW
Team formation tool that facilitates small group interactions in co-located settings
Advisor: Steven Dow
Team: Sam Blake, Vivian Ta, Amy Luo, Eric Truong
Tech: Meteor, React, MongoDB, Heroku


[8] Chrome New Tab #Crowdsourcing #Facebook
Novel crowdsourcing method, daily intervention to improve privacy behavior on Facebook
Advisors: Jason Hong, Laura Dabbish
Team: Rosie Sun
Tech: Chrome Extensions, Meteor, React, Apollo, GraphQL, MongoDB, Heroku
[7] D4SD [WIP] #CollectiveInnovation #CSCW
Design for San Diego 2020 Civic Challenge
Team: Lauren Liu
Tech: React, Node.js, PM2
[6] What I (Should Have) Learned In College [WIP] #Classes #Diary
Summary of everything I did in my undergrad, wow
Tech: Google Docs
[5] Creative Yik Yak #SocialComputing #Ideation
Fun social way to generate ideas
Tech: Meteor, React, MongoDB, Heroku
[4] Design Lab Website #DesignSprints
New identity of the Design Lab
Tech: WordPress 4.9
[3] gumbel.in [WIP] #FrontEnd
My website :)
Tech: GitHub Pages, GoDaddy


[2] CS Student Data Analysis #SurveyStudy #CSEd
import pandas as pd, df., plt., stats, p-values, plots, violin plots, so pretty
Advisor: Christine Alvarado
Tech: Jupyter, Overleaf


[1] ARM Config #BackEnd #WebSockets #APIGateway
Traffic management component to throttle specific client requests
Tech: Spring, Maven, Jersey, Tomcat, MongoDB, Bootstrap